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"Life will knock you down. You can choose to stand up again."

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

KOA Camp

This boy, though!

Koa is 2 1/2. He is Eddie's nephew. He is joy!

Koa is autistic. He is non-communicative. But, he is completely able to tell you what he needs or wants in many other ways. He loves the water. Like, LOVES the water. He will jump right in, so there needs to be all eyes on Koa at all times. He loves fruit and will eat it all day long. He loves people who love him, too! I am in love with him.

Sunday night, we were leaving and I was trying to put him down but he kept wrapping his legs super tight around my waist so that I could not put him down. It was breaking my heart. Eddie's mom took him and he started to cry. We could hear him screaming out to the car. Ebony (his mama) brought him out front and we blew kisses to each other. I can't wait to snuggle him again!

Eddie calls him "Camp Camp." Get it? KOA Camp?!?! Never a dull moment with that man!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Father's Day Weekend

This guy is pretty good at taking tons of pictures. Thank goodness!

Sunday, Eddie, Maleya, her friend Lexie, and I headed up to Farmington Pond, then up the canyon. The pond was beautiful. I can't wait to go back again and again and again with the boys! It's really a great little spot for fishing, floating, paddle boarding and just hanging out. The girls wanted to take lots of pictures, so Eddie and I walked around the entire pond and then met them back at the car.

Then we headed up Farmington Canyon. If you have never driven up that windy, narrow, terrifying road... be prepared. It is a shear cliff, drop-off with no barriers between you and the drop-off. Eddie was so careful, but we still had a hard time breathing. The girls were in the back holding hands so tightly that they were sweating. I was focused straight ahead on the road. All road for me! We pulled over for a minute and the views really were outstanding. There are some campgrounds up there. We had planned to go camping this weekend so we were scoping out some spots.

Then we headed across the Bountiful Skyline and down to the Bountiful side. This is when things went really, really bad. My head began to feel like it was swelling. It was pounding and forcing me to close my eyes. Then, I lost my left side. My face, my swallow, my arm, hand, leg, foot... everything. We were at the top of the mountain and I was in big trouble. Eddie was scared. Maleya was crying. I was terrified. He pulled over multiple times for me to throw up. Each time, I slid out of the car and he lifted me back in. Happy Father's Day to him! Once we got back down the mountain, things started to come back. He was getting water down me. I was starting to have feeling in my hand and arm again. I was able to swallow. My leg came back in a couple of hours. His neighbor told us when we got home that we go from 3,000 to 9,000 feet on that climb and that several people get altitude sickness. Oh! Good to know! Altitude is not my thing quite yet. Now we know. So many things are unknown until we give it a try. We don't know how my body and brain will react to things that we take for granted until we are there and doing it. Now we know that I am not ready for altitude.

I felt fine by bedtime and completely strong by Monday morning.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Time With the Babies

Friday night, I went to watch the babes. Oh my goodness!

Anson wanted his daddy and Asher wanted to show me all of his new tricks. The love I have for these babies is out of this world!

I took them outside to walk around a bit before baths. The neighbors two doors down had their sprinklers on. Asher went straight to them and just stood in them. So content. Just stood in the water. He was SO happy. He didn't want to leave their lawn and I didn't make him. The elderly couple just watched from their front window and smiled and laughed. Anson wanted a piece of it, too, so he and I went and stood in them as well. They were so excited. I love watching them explore their world... a world that too often we don't take the time to recognize.

Eddie came over to help me with bath and bedtime. Asher could not stop giggling. I think he was super excited to see someone that is the same color as him! He just giggled and giggled. Eddie fed him his bottle while I fed Anson his. I kissed them goodnight and told them I love them... until next time.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Favorites - Whatever These Are Called

I don't even know what these things are called or how to make them, but they make me smile!

Happy weekend!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dream Team

When P was alive, he was my protector. He was my human diary. He was my big brother. He was my guider and director and speak-straighter. He would put me in my place when I needed it and would allow me to do the same with him. When that airplane crashed, I lost far more than my boss.

He had trained the guys right, though. Everyone picked up their own "duty" when it came to me. For months, the guys would take turns following me home to make sure I got home safely in the stick shift. For months and months, Rock would text me every morning and every night. For months, the guys would take turns eating lunch with me to make sure I ate. They have always been very protective, but they each picked up the slack from P being gone.

In particular, Mr. Watkins took the reigns. He and P were very close and I have always trusted him. He has been my P since I lost my P. This morning, we had interviews to go do. The dream team. Mr. Watkins, Beyta and Heidi Ray. Afterwards, they took me to lunch. At 10:15 a.m. Better believe I had a FAT bacon cheeseburger and a full dose of fries. I've been nibbling on crackers ever since with a slight stomach ache... judgement free zone!

P, thank you for making sure I'd be taken care before you got in that airplane. You never missed a single detail. I miss you. Every single day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Best Buds

These two, though.

Ja'Mari will be starting seventh grade this year. Colton will be going into ninth. Amia will be in eighth. Ja'Mari is an AMAZING buddy to Colton. He gets him and he understands him and he is super patient with him. They love to hang out and have sleepovers. Ja'Mari is definitely my fifth son. Lila has been taking them to fun parks and splash pads since the summer break started. I am so grateful for the village that has been created around us... where my boys are looked after and looked over, loved and included. I am also so grateful for the time that I get with this extra littles.

Sweet Amia came over to our house Sunday night as I was getting ready to put myself in bed. She had gone to get me a birthday gift and wanted to give it to me before she left to go back up the mountain for the week. Oh, how I love that girl. And every single day when I get home from work, Sassy is right there to hug me and just holds on. Our village kind of rocks!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Birthday Weekend - Photo Overload

My 41st birthday was the best dang birthday EVER! I love my birthday, as you all know. It's my jam.

The weekend was perfection!

Saturday, Cute Kyanna's uncle Eddie came and got me bright and early WITH YELLOW flowers! And ICE CREAM in hand! We had the best day that included more ice cream from Leatherby's (for freaking real) and BASEBALL! He got me nachos and a snow cone at the game along with a score card and sharpened pencil. Best day ever! We finished the day off by watching the fights. (interject googlie eyes here)

Sunday, we went down to Nana and Pops house. LOGAN WAS THERE. People! Logan was there! In all of his beautiful, hilarious, kind glory. Logan was there! And the babies were there. Yes, Brandon and Carrie were there, but the babies and Logan!!! Nana made the best dinner and Carrie made the most unbelievable dessert. (interject googlie eyes here)

Monday, I took the chidlens to the pool. We are so red that there is no Crayola color yet invented to describe the redness. Lila and I sat and talked and laughed our booties off for hours while the kids swam. Oh, how I love my babes! Uncle Eddie took me to breakfast, where I had ice cream. I had A LOT of ice cream this weekend. A lot. And I don't even feel bad. At all. Jackson took me on a date for dinner, then took me to Target to get me markers. (interject googlie eyes here)

I barfed this morning when I got to work. But, it's all good. I have Diet Coke. No more ice cream for this girl for at least a day or two.

Here's to the next 364 days... counting down to my birthday of course!!