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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It's JuNe!! It's my birthday month!! I remind my children of that often. I told them that they need to begin planning my 34th birthday party. At first, they seemed quite excited. Then, the excitement turned to frustration when I began telling them everything they would need to plan. My LITTLE brother asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I told him that I wanted him and the Skipper to come visit. He told me that was a no-go. So, I asked for coloring books. I think he thought I was kidding...

Friday night, Kaydon and I went on a date. He chose half off sushi. Oh, I love that boy! He is so proud of his chopstick skills! After dinner, we were driving to get a slurpee and he had the window down. I asked him to roll it up because I was SO cold. He said (and I quote), "Mommy, I would rather sweat fire than have you be cold." Yes, yes he really did say that. Is that not the most romantic thing you've ever heard from an eight year old?!?!?!

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