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Monday, August 8, 2011

Our weekend, with NO pictures

I just really didn't feel like pulling my camera out, apparently. Friday night, we went and visited Papa and Grandma. Really, the boys just wanted to see Hailey, the new dog. That Hailey is NAUGHTY!!! She has a thing about eating toes. I like my toes, thank you. They're the cutest part of my dang body.

Saturday, we all woke early to go clean the church. Have I told you lately that I have machines for sons? They seriously had that building clean in 30 minutes. When we went home, I went back to bed. Something about not sleeping out of fear for the last three weeks, weird! While I was asleep, Nana and the machines moved beds and dressers around. I am now downstairs with ONE child! Although, last night three of them were with me, because they needed to "be close to mom."

After their organizing, we went swimming. The sun felt extra good on my body. It was heaven, really. I didn't want to leave! We got dilly bars that night and watched Rashad Evans put the beat down on Tito Ortiz!!!!!!!! Mommy likey!

Yesterday was full of church and listening to Jackson and Colton bare their testimonies. It was delightful! Our amazing home teachers came last night. We are SO blessed!

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