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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Me

Dear Me-

You're doing alright. Things are a whole lot crazy, but you're making it. The boys are in school. Thank goodness for public education! Kaydon is going to be starting his reading group next week. That will help immensely. Colton is pulling cards everyday, but so what?! He is social... always will be. That's him. Jackson is in young men's now. He went to his first activity last night. He passed the sacrament on Sunday. He is two inches taller than you now. He is a good, good kid. Braxton and you took a trip to Home Depot on Monday... remember? He told you that he and a friend walked there last week and he stole two lighters to make cherry bombs. The lady at the front desk was not nice. Braxton cried and cried and cried. You told him this was not only a lesson in honesty, but lesson in integrity, and Uncle Victor would be proud of him. I was. Braxton and Kaydon went to scouts last night. Weird! I hope that continues. Colton loves that he is finally in scouts. He's not the only one! Work is nutso. This is the right job for you right now. You are surrounded with good people who care about you and you're blossoming. You are supporting your kids in every way right now. You really are a good mom, regardless of what people might say. It's time to look for a new vehicle already. The boys legs are too long to fit in the third row seat. The dream was good while it lasted... here we come mini-van. Oh well. Braxton has a project that is due next May. He has to choose a county (ANY county in Utah) to travel to and explore and right up a big report on. He... chose... DAVIS COUNTY. That's right, Davis County. It borders Salt Lake County... the county we live in!!!! Why did he choose Davis County??? Because Lagoon is there, duh! Remember a couple of days ago when you comforted the five students stuck on the elevator for 45 minutes?!?! That was pretty much a dream come true!! When the one kid said, "Heidi, I REALLY have to go to the bathroom!" You said, "Um... not the time for that. If no one has a bottle, you gotta tie that thing off!" That's right, always full of compassion. Football season is here. That makes you so happy. It also makes you happy that the Yankees are hanging in there. It also makes you happy that your toe nails are currently blue. It also makes you happy that life is okay right now...


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