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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Long Weekend

This was quite the weekend! Friday, we drove to Layton for hobo dinners and a movie. The kids loved it! Saturday was football!!!! BYU football!!! Best time of the year! Sunday, Jackson passed the sacrament for the first time and did awesome! Then, we all loaded up to head up to the property to go four-wheeling. All was well until at the top of the summit, Papa and Grandma's Trooper exploded. If you remember, last year when we tried to go four-wheeling, the whole hitch thing under the trooper fell off in the middle of the road. I think four-wheeling with the grandparents is turning out to be a no-go! Everyone was safe, and we are so grateful. We went home and played instead. Monday, the boys and I went to see "Zookeeper." Cute movie! Then, Monday night, we went to North Salt Lake for some cake and ice cream... and fist fighting for a couple of the boys. What would a weekend be without fist fights?!

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