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Friday, November 4, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know that my little Jackson gets to go to the temple for the first time today?!?!?! He is 12. He had his temple recommend interview on Sunday. Today, the young men in the ward are going to do baptisms for the dead and Jackson gets to go!

I think he's nervous, but I also think he's quite excited.

Did you know that Jackson got a note yesterday? From a girl? Her name is Ashley. She wants to "go out" with Jackson because she "loves him." Jackson asked me if it was okay if he "went steady" with her. I reminded him of THE TALK that he and I had. Remember that?! That was fun! I reminded him of how he is to treat a little lady. I reminded him that he knows what's right and what's wrong. Then, I told him it was his choice. He hasn't told me what he decided yet...

Did you know that Braxton put my laundry away last night? He did! He came up after putting his laundry away and put my laundry away... in the right drawers!! Thanks Brax!

Did you know that Kaydon popped my front tire on my bike last night?! He did! Why, you might ask, was Kaydon riding MY bike? There is a perfectly good and reasonable explanation! He was riding my bike because the tires on every other bike at our house have been popped!

Did you know that Colton has slept in his OWN bed for the last week?!?!?! He has!! Way to go Nana!

Did you know that Josh starts his football season tomorrow?!?! He does! We'll be there... me and the five little ones... who aren't so little anymore!

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