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Friday, January 20, 2012

I love to look for rainbows, when ever there is rain

I have had the kid's primary songs for 2012 cd in my purse since the first of this month. I haven't done anything with it. It has just sat in my purse. I decided this morning to listen to it on my way to work. Track 5 came on and I put it on repeat the rest of the way to work. It touched my heart!!!!

It's called, When I am Baptized. These are the lyrics:
I like to look for rainbows, when ever there is rain;
And ponder on the beauty of an earth made clean again.

I want to my life to be as clean as earth right after rain;
I want to be the best I can;
And live with God again.

I know when I am baptized my WOUNDS are washed away;
And I can be forgiven and improve myself each day.

*The word "wounds" is not the actual word in the song, but every time I listened to it, I swore that's what the child was saying. The word is actually "wrongs," but I am going to stick with wounds! We all have wounds, and don't we pray for rainbows after the storms in our lives? Don't we all hope for peace and comfort and the ability to put one foot in front of the other??? When we were in Hawaii, we saw several double rainbows. It was like the island had been cleansed, and we were all free to walk around again, you know? I love the thought of LOOKING for rainbows after the rain in my life. Love this song!!!!

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