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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Latest

1. Colton had croup. He gets it just about every year. I guess that's part of being two months early.

2. Braxton has a "girlfriend." He walks her home from school everyday. What a gentleman.

3. Kaydon LOVES Animal Planet... probably because he loves animals WAY more than he loves people, except Brookly. He loves that little girl. He always makes sure she is happy and safe.

4. Jackson is starting to get that teenage attitude. Sometimes, I want to hurt him! He is getting really good at giving me dirty looks, but he still kisses my forehead every night before bed.

5. I had the awesome opportunity yesterday of starting my Learning Community, here at the College. It is for a select number of Administrative Assistants. It was incredible! I learned this:
* Don't try to change yourself. Concentrate on improving your strengths.
* Work hard. In everything you do, work hard.
* How do you eat an elephant??? One bite at a time!
* AND, my top five strengths are: empathy, development, restoration, belief and responsiblity... which basically means that I cry a lot! :)

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