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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Funny Little Story

I came back to work on Monday. I had a rough day and left at around 3:00. Tuesday, I stayed all day and went home and slept. Then, yesterday. Good times! I was feeling pretty good, in my sweats, sitting at my desk. My boss was in my office and we were talking when all of a sudden something went very wrong. I told a lady in my office that I needed to go to the bathroom. There was bright red blood all over. Then, I felt like I was going to pass out. I have never passed out. It's one of my biggest fears, and I have never, ever felt like I did at that moment. I kept telling her that I was going down. Once she finally got me back into my office, my sweet boss came in and very quietly and calmly informed me that we were going to the doctor. I didn't want to! I just wanted to put my head down and sleep. He wasn't having that. So, he somehow got me out to the parking lot, leaned me up against someone's car, went and got his car and took me to my OB. Ever had your male boss take you to your OBGYN?!?!?! Good times! He carried my purse, pretty much carried me, and got me there. He was great. He stayed very calm and told me stories in the car. When we got there, I laid down on the table and they took some blood. Then, I had yet another pelvic exam. I'm pretty sure my vagina is my doctor's most familiar right now! Just saying. The doctor immediately found a large blood clot and removed it. My blood count was at 40%. Whoops! That's pretty much why I was "going down." The doctor said, "Heidi, nothing with you is normal!" Thanks Dr. Tanner. He has no idea where the clot came from. I only have two stitches left up there that haven't dissolved yet. He said it was a very, very good thing that my boss got me to the doctor. Things could have gotten very bad. I, too, am so thankful for my boss... and for Paula who got me back and forth from the bathroom and made sure I had what I needed. I'm back at work today... a little sore and a little tired, but feeling much, much better. Just another chapter in my funny little story.

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