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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DeWitt Jones and Tender Mercies

Last week, in my AACL group, we watched a video by Dewitt Jones. Mr. Jones is a photographer for the National Geographic. He has written books and does speaking engagements on celebrating what is right with the world. I have fallen in love with his attitude, his drive, his charisma and his ability to change is perspective in order to find what is right with the world. Google him... and watch his video. You'll fall in love with him, too. Promise. I was in a meeting yesterday. It was a long meeting. I was tired. I was feeling sorry for myself during that meeting. You see, while I was taking minutes and trying to participate in this meeting, I was receiving phone calls, text messages and instant messages from my Jackson. He has an annoying cough and needed cough drops A-SAP at school. Here I was, in a meeting, taking minutes, feeling like a failure at my job at that moment and feeling like THE failure of a mom, who could not go and take care of my son at that moment. I work. Then, I received an e-mail (still during this meeting) telling me that my son, Jackson again, was competing in a "Battle of the Books" on Friday and I needed to be at the school for four hours on Friday to watch him. I remembered quickly that I would be at work, again, unable to attend. My mind wandered as I was trying to take minutes, trying to participate, trying to hold back the tears from running down my face. I walked out of the meeting and found a heart-covered package laying by my office door. It was to me. I went in my office and opened it. It was a book. I read the front cover. It was from Miss Birdie. The note on the front cover told me to go to page 69 in the book. I read it. It was a familiar story that Miss Birdie had told me before. Then, I opened the card that was in the book. It was yet another lovely note from my eternal sister. She told me that SHE couldn't do it without ME. She's crazy, I thought. She has saved me more than fact over and over. AND, how is it that she ALWAYS seems to know, even before I know, that I will need her at specific moments. Like yesterday. I needed her and she was there, without me even knowing that I would need her. Dewitt Jones speaks of times in our lives when things are really hard... when we feel like giving up... and, then, out of no where comes someone (a beacon, he calls it), who has made it... and who will help us to make it. That rings so true to me and for me. I'm not sure why Heavenly Father still loves me after all I have done and continue to do. But, He does. He knows me. He absolutely knew who and what I would need on this Earth. I woke up this morning to "Mamma Mia's" sound track. I laughed, out loud. My children were singing and dancing. I drove to work noticing the blossoms on trees that lined my drive. I watched a video this morning of a young 16 and 17 year old, singing on America's Got Talent. I wept. They are beautiful. I came to work... a job I need, and am so grateful for. A job that pays our bills. A job where I am safe, and loved. I walked, and walked fast, as my body has healed. I am blessed. Life IS good. There are always tender mercies.

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