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Monday, March 12, 2012

Our Weekend

Josh has been in Las Vegas for the NASCAR races since last Wednesday. He doesn't return until tomorrow night. I decided I miss him. FYI. Friday night, Jackson went with the scouts to the Maverick Center for the hockey game and a great big scout sleep over. The other three went to Papa's for a sleepover. I went grocery shopping. Saturday morning, Jackson returned and he and I went to Insta Care. Ear infection. Amoxicillan. Thanks, Doc. Braxton and Colton and I went to Fantastic Sams to get their hair cut. Handsome boys, indeed. Kaydon and Colton walked to Fresh Market and came back with a flower... for me. I cried. SO sweet! I LOVE flowers! We watched the races Saturday and Sunday. Saw Josh both days on the TV screen. The boys thought that was so awesome. Sunday, Braxton had a sore throat. He is home today, borrowing some of Jackson's amoxicillan (don't judge me) and some of my ibprofen. That's just how we roll. Joshua comes home tomorrow. That makes me happy. I told him today that I just want to hug him and kiss him. I meant it.

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