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Friday, March 9, 2012

Sub Zero, Miss Birdie, BB & Mo

Last night, the three younger boys and I went to Sub Zero. The sno cone sites are not quite open yet, so Sub Zero has become my haven. I am obsessed! Delicious!!!

Miss Birdie made me bread. Two loaves of bread. Miss Birdie's bread make everything in the world beautiful. Like, it doesn't matter that I had a blood clot removed out of a not-so-nice area because I went home to Miss Birdie's bread. I love my Miss Birdie.

B Beck... I love that girl. Did you know that before I went in for surgery, I received a package. It had an adorable little book AND chocolate covered macademia nuts from Hawaii?? It did! I hid them and ate them all. Did you know that B Beck could use your prayers right now? She could. Sweet little Baby Kevin, who is growing so big inside her tummy, is going to be born with some serious problems. He couldn't have a better mommy! Pray for her, please.

My Mo. I call her "Mo" for short. That's not her real, given name. Do you know why I love my Mo? Lots of reasons. 1- she makes me laugh til I about pee myself.
2- the woman has endured just about all that can be endured and she still makes me laugh til I about pee myself. 3- she commented on my post about having a blood infection and do you know what she said? "Hey, when you feel better can you update your cooking blog for me?" THAT is why I love my Mo. She has needs!!!!!!

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