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"Life will knock you down. You can choose to stand up again."

Thursday, April 26, 2012


LOVE this Little Miss!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy Administrative Professionals Day To ME!

I may or may not have reminded my boss over and over and over again that today was Administrative Professionals Day :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Weekend

Our weekend was warm, sunny, restful and FUN! They are always fun :) On Friday night, the boys got to play laser tag with their cousins. Papa, Grandma and I played too. Grandma took first. I took second. GIRL power! Then, the boys had sleepovers at Papa and Grandma's and Josh and I went to a movie when he got off of work. Saturday, I took a three hour nap. Holy moly! Josh had a game Saturday night. It was a beautiful night! The whole family was there to watch: Nana, Papa, Grandma, and of course the boys and I. He played awesome... as usual!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Playing Catch & The Pinewood Derby

Last night was the Pinewood Derby. I HATE Pinewood Derbys! I feel awful for the kids who don't win. It's like they work so hard... or their parents work so hard... and then they watch someone else celebrate. It sucks. But, we still do it every year. Josh and the boys worked hard on their cars. They looked great and they did great. No "winners" but this mom was still super proud! Wednesday night, Josh played catch with the kiddos until after dark. I only got pictures of the "trampoline" catch game... he spent quite a bit of time with them at the school yard. It was awesome!! I SO miss having baseball around the house. One of my greatest memories as a kid was always having ball players in our house and yard...always being at the ball park... I love the sounds, the smells... all of it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Still Jumping

Remember last year when my boys met their goal of saving enough money to buy a trampoline? I thought for sure that the joy of having a trampoline and jumping on it would fade. Nope! They jumped on that thing every day this winter... and the jumping continues. Although it looks like it's been through a tornado, that thing has gotten use! The kids still jump on it almost everyday! P.S. Enlarge the picture and check out Colton's face! LOL!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Weekend AND An Editor's Correction

Friday, we left for Idaho Falls. We were headed to Great Falls, Montana for Josh's football game, but decided to break the trip up. We are brilliant!!! Friday, the kids were able to swim and get lots of energy out. We took them to the Falls for a few minutes... really just long enough to get a picture. I get a little panicky with the kids around the water like that. We ate at Smitty's and just enjoyed our night. Saturday, we woke up early, fed the kids the amazing continental breakfast, and headed up to Great Falls. It's the most beautiful drive! I especially love the statue of Christ that is at the top of the hill, overlooking Butte, Montana. I love that there are still places and people who value that in their lives. I thought a lot on the drive up there. I thought about how I am so grateful to live amongst beauty. I thought about how I love hearing my kid's voices. I thought about how I love that we can pull over anywhere for the boys to unload their bladder. i thought about how I love that Josh makes sure that I'm always comfortable... always, always asking if I'm okay or if I need anything. The drive was beautiful. When we arrived in Great Falls, we bought some groceries and headed to the field. The kids ran and played for most of the game. Brooklyn watched the bigger kids roll down the grassy hills... she opted for scooting down on her butt. I was so impressed last night when I saw that the pants she was wearing came out clean! Josh played great, as usual. He scored a touchdown. The final score was Utah Shock 49, Great Falls Gladiators 6. Boo yah! After the game, we headed back to Idaho Falls. I drove. The kids watched one movie, and then fell asleep. I was doing great until the last hour and a half or so. So, Josh turned on Gabriel Iglesias for me to listen to. That man is F-U-N-N-Y! He kept me laughing clear to the beautiful Best Western Hotel! Sunday morning, we woke up and fed the kids, then took them swimming again. Jackson took it upon himself to get Brooklyn ready for the day... hair and all. SO cute!!! It was a great weekend!!!! See below the pictures for my editor's correction...
My last post was about "The Guy and His Jobs." I was informed by "The Guy" that I missed a couple of jobs. Oh ya. He is also a NASCAR Safety guy... but you already knew that from previous posts. He also said that I forgot his "hardest" job... "Boyfriend" Oh ya. So, this is my correction... The guy is also a NASCAR safety guy AND a boyfriend (which is the hardest job he has). But, he is pretty good at it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nana's Easter Egg Hunt

As Josh and I were "hiding" the eggs, a nice lady walked by and said, "Easter continues, huh?" YEP! Love me some egg hunts! Monday evening, Nana had her Easter egg hunt for the kids. The boys were totally in to it. Brooklyn was just so excited to have a new purse that Nana brought her from Barbados. She couldn't have cared any less about the eggs all over the yard! She just wanted to walk around with that purse! SO CUTE!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Easter Weekend

Our Easter Weekend was pretty busy! Friday night, we went to Papa and Grandma's church for their annual egg hunt. That is always an interesting event, with children pulling out all the stops to get the most eggs. Safety first!!! Saturday, we went to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Nef (my mom's parents) and my brother and his wife. Sunday, the kids woke up to pillow pets (why didn't I think of that invention???? $$$$$$) and more candy. Jackson, Kaydon, Colton and I went to church with Grandma and Grandpa. Braxton stayed home. He had been throwing up pretty violently all night and into the morning. When I got home after Sacrament, I layed down with him and tried to help him get some rest. It didn't work. The vomitting continued. By the afternoon, it was obvious that he needed to be seen. Off we went to Insta Care. It was apparent right away that he was a pretty sick kid. They hooked him up to an IV and gave him some intravenous medicine. It took two full bags before he had the urge to pee. Poor kid. They said that with severely dehydrated people, it usually takes half of one bag for them to feel the need to urinate. Whoa! I'm not sure what it is with holidays and my children feeling the need to become extremely ill... but I'm kind of done with it!!! He is feeling better this morning, and despite getting so sick, I hope he enjoyed his Easter, too!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Worst Mom Award

Colton received a birthday party invitation a couple of weeks ago for "Thursday, the 4th" at Bouncin' Off The Walls. I only read the "Thursday" part. So, last night, after I fed them dinner, we headed off to the party. I got lost on the way and called my dad, who was driving on the freeway, and asked him to look up the correct address on his iPhone. The great dad that he is, he pulled off the freeway and looked up the address for me. We arrived, only to find out that the party took place the night before (on the 4th). I felt horrible. Silent tears rolled down Colton's face. Braxton and Kaydon just looked as if they knew they ought not say a word, for fear that i might flip the flip out right then and there. I huddled them together and told them that I was so sorry, and that we would go get an ice cream cone and drop the gift off another day. Then, the sweet girl behind the counter explained that if we wanted to wait about 30 minutes, she would empty out a room and allow my children to jump. We waited the 30 minutes. I asked her how much I owed her and she refused to allow me to pay. After about one and a half episodes of Tom and Jerry, she came and got us and took us to a huge room filled with bouncing fun and told my children to jump to their heart's content. And that, they did! I even joined in, until I felt like I needed dramamine!!! I was so grateful for her kindness... I would suggest Bouncin' Off The Walls to ANYONE for all of your party needs. They are clean and organized and SO nice!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quotes & Stuff

My children come up with stuff that is just plain amazing... or something like that. Recently, Josh and Braxton were having a little disagreement on who was "right." Out of no where, and completely randomly, Jackson says, "Brax you're going to need an ocean to put out that burn!" For a split second, Josh and I just looked at each other with confused stares, and then broke out laughing. Jackson was so impressed with himself. Braxton is a special young man... wink wink. He is absolutely adorable and his laugh is contagious. This week, he has been wearing football pads around WHEREVER he goes. He's not in football. FYI. Kaydon. Oh, Kaydon. You never do know what's going to come out of that kid's mouth. You have to be prepared at all times for what might spring out of there! For the past three days, he has work a "name tag," which he staples to his shirts, by the way, that reads "Scary Dr. Jorgensen." Huh? He informed Josh and I that when he graduates from high school, he plans to "get" a used trailer and move to the mountains to be a mountain man. Shoot for the stars KK! However, his morning, he saw me and gasped and said, "Mommy, you are beautiful!" Colton is sure entertaining. Oh boy! Last night, while on our walk/bike ride/roller blade adventure, Gunner crapped on the sidewalk. Colton stopped, as if he was mapping out the area. Then, turned to me and exclaimed, "For the rest of my life, this sidewalk here is OFF LIMITS and closed." Oh. Brooklyn. That girl! Her new thing is, "Peace out homey!" However, she has picked up, "I'm not going to tell you again Colton." I can't imagine where she got that from. My latest favorite of hers, however, came last week. Josh told her that she was funny and she said, "My mom says I'm crazy!!!" Cute kids of mine. On another note, I had lunch with B Beck and Mo yesterday. Oh, those girls! I looooooove those girls! B Beck has another ultrasound tomorrow. Please say a little line for her in your prayers. Baby Kevin needs all of our prayers. Mo makes me laugh til I pee myself, I'm telling you. However, last night she sent me a text about some conference talks. All I could tell her was that I love her. Because I do.