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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Guy... And His "Jobs"

Yep! This is the guy... all dressed up for work. His "real" job. He has a couple of jobs... "Production Manager," "Running Back," and "Dad." "Dad" is his favorite job and he is REALLY, REALLY good at it. But, this weekend, we are traveling to Idaho Falls, then up to Great Falls, Montana to watch him be a running back. The kids LOVE to watch him do that "job!" I do too. He is so dang good at football and I love listening to people around us talk about how good he is. It makes me SO proud! The kids love to talk to the other players who come up and tell them all about the bones he has broken in their bodies. That makes the kids SO proud! It will be a super fun weekend. I am hoping for good weather so that the kids and I can actually travel from Idaho Falls to Great Falls with him! Either way, we will do lots of swimming and eating and playing!

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