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Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Weekend AND An Editor's Correction

Friday, we left for Idaho Falls. We were headed to Great Falls, Montana for Josh's football game, but decided to break the trip up. We are brilliant!!! Friday, the kids were able to swim and get lots of energy out. We took them to the Falls for a few minutes... really just long enough to get a picture. I get a little panicky with the kids around the water like that. We ate at Smitty's and just enjoyed our night. Saturday, we woke up early, fed the kids the amazing continental breakfast, and headed up to Great Falls. It's the most beautiful drive! I especially love the statue of Christ that is at the top of the hill, overlooking Butte, Montana. I love that there are still places and people who value that in their lives. I thought a lot on the drive up there. I thought about how I am so grateful to live amongst beauty. I thought about how I love hearing my kid's voices. I thought about how I love that we can pull over anywhere for the boys to unload their bladder. i thought about how I love that Josh makes sure that I'm always comfortable... always, always asking if I'm okay or if I need anything. The drive was beautiful. When we arrived in Great Falls, we bought some groceries and headed to the field. The kids ran and played for most of the game. Brooklyn watched the bigger kids roll down the grassy hills... she opted for scooting down on her butt. I was so impressed last night when I saw that the pants she was wearing came out clean! Josh played great, as usual. He scored a touchdown. The final score was Utah Shock 49, Great Falls Gladiators 6. Boo yah! After the game, we headed back to Idaho Falls. I drove. The kids watched one movie, and then fell asleep. I was doing great until the last hour and a half or so. So, Josh turned on Gabriel Iglesias for me to listen to. That man is F-U-N-N-Y! He kept me laughing clear to the beautiful Best Western Hotel! Sunday morning, we woke up and fed the kids, then took them swimming again. Jackson took it upon himself to get Brooklyn ready for the day... hair and all. SO cute!!! It was a great weekend!!!! See below the pictures for my editor's correction...
My last post was about "The Guy and His Jobs." I was informed by "The Guy" that I missed a couple of jobs. Oh ya. He is also a NASCAR Safety guy... but you already knew that from previous posts. He also said that I forgot his "hardest" job... "Boyfriend" Oh ya. So, this is my correction... The guy is also a NASCAR safety guy AND a boyfriend (which is the hardest job he has). But, he is pretty good at it.

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