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Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Weekend... With Not Enough Pictures

We had a busy, fun, crazy weekend and, like usual, I didn't take near enough pictures. Friday, we had a fun dinner with Josh's dad and sister. Josh's dad told the kids all about how he is now "Captain America." I'm a little worried about that guy... seriously! Then, we went and bought the boys their first round of shorts for the upcoming spring/summer. We went to Gordman's. Have you been there? GO!!! It's like a cleaner, more organized Ross/T.J. Max. I LOVE that place! After that, we took the kids to see the Lorax. Cute. I love the picture below of the boys walking with Brooklyn into the movie. They are so dang good with her. I love, love, love watching them with her. They just can't get enough of that Little Miss. Saturday, we went to the Blaze game. When we got there, our seats were clear up in another planet. The kids didn't complain at all, but that had to stretch out, over the divider, just to see the field. I asked Josh if he would walk down to the ticket office to see if we could pay the difference and get better seats. He came back a while later (still before the game had started) and told us all to follow him. Then, he led us all down the stairs... all of the stairs... to the FLOOR! We passed through security, got our hands stamped, and were escorted to some folding chairs on the FLOOR. I started crying! The looks on my kids' faces were classic. They were so aw-struck. Josh just smiled and said, "I have connections!" I was so grateful for the fun that the kids had! Sunday, we just relaxed and the kids played. Sunday night, the boys and I surprised Papa and Grandma with a little visit. We talked and the kids ate their food... seriously, what is it about the food in Grandma's house that is SO much better?!?! We had a great weekend.

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