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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quotes & Stuff

My children come up with stuff that is just plain amazing... or something like that. Recently, Josh and Braxton were having a little disagreement on who was "right." Out of no where, and completely randomly, Jackson says, "Brax you're going to need an ocean to put out that burn!" For a split second, Josh and I just looked at each other with confused stares, and then broke out laughing. Jackson was so impressed with himself. Braxton is a special young man... wink wink. He is absolutely adorable and his laugh is contagious. This week, he has been wearing football pads around WHEREVER he goes. He's not in football. FYI. Kaydon. Oh, Kaydon. You never do know what's going to come out of that kid's mouth. You have to be prepared at all times for what might spring out of there! For the past three days, he has work a "name tag," which he staples to his shirts, by the way, that reads "Scary Dr. Jorgensen." Huh? He informed Josh and I that when he graduates from high school, he plans to "get" a used trailer and move to the mountains to be a mountain man. Shoot for the stars KK! However, his morning, he saw me and gasped and said, "Mommy, you are beautiful!" Colton is sure entertaining. Oh boy! Last night, while on our walk/bike ride/roller blade adventure, Gunner crapped on the sidewalk. Colton stopped, as if he was mapping out the area. Then, turned to me and exclaimed, "For the rest of my life, this sidewalk here is OFF LIMITS and closed." Oh. Brooklyn. That girl! Her new thing is, "Peace out homey!" However, she has picked up, "I'm not going to tell you again Colton." I can't imagine where she got that from. My latest favorite of hers, however, came last week. Josh told her that she was funny and she said, "My mom says I'm crazy!!!" Cute kids of mine. On another note, I had lunch with B Beck and Mo yesterday. Oh, those girls! I looooooove those girls! B Beck has another ultrasound tomorrow. Please say a little line for her in your prayers. Baby Kevin needs all of our prayers. Mo makes me laugh til I pee myself, I'm telling you. However, last night she sent me a text about some conference talks. All I could tell her was that I love her. Because I do.

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