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Friday, April 6, 2012

Worst Mom Award

Colton received a birthday party invitation a couple of weeks ago for "Thursday, the 4th" at Bouncin' Off The Walls. I only read the "Thursday" part. So, last night, after I fed them dinner, we headed off to the party. I got lost on the way and called my dad, who was driving on the freeway, and asked him to look up the correct address on his iPhone. The great dad that he is, he pulled off the freeway and looked up the address for me. We arrived, only to find out that the party took place the night before (on the 4th). I felt horrible. Silent tears rolled down Colton's face. Braxton and Kaydon just looked as if they knew they ought not say a word, for fear that i might flip the flip out right then and there. I huddled them together and told them that I was so sorry, and that we would go get an ice cream cone and drop the gift off another day. Then, the sweet girl behind the counter explained that if we wanted to wait about 30 minutes, she would empty out a room and allow my children to jump. We waited the 30 minutes. I asked her how much I owed her and she refused to allow me to pay. After about one and a half episodes of Tom and Jerry, she came and got us and took us to a huge room filled with bouncing fun and told my children to jump to their heart's content. And that, they did! I even joined in, until I felt like I needed dramamine!!! I was so grateful for her kindness... I would suggest Bouncin' Off The Walls to ANYONE for all of your party needs. They are clean and organized and SO nice!

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