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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Do you want me to carry you?

This is another cute picture from Legoland. Josh found a spot where the kids could drive remote control boats made of legos around a little pond. After each of our kids had a turn, we had a couple of extra tokens left, so he gave them to a little boy who was there. This morning, I had a really tough time with my back. I had to crawl into the bathroom to get into the shower because my back wouldn't allow me to stand up. I stretched and plowed through my morning. Sitting at work, with my heating pad on. Josh text me and asked me if I wanted him to come to carry me around. I told him that he always carries me, even when he doesn't realize it. And he does. On Sunday, I woke up late. Like, really late. I went upstairs and there he was with a Diet Coke for me. He had taken Jackson to church, fed the others breakfast, put Braxton in his ice bath, cleaned up the mess in the family room from the boys trying to sleep on the trampoline. He went to the store to get some super glue to fix Jackson's broken glasses, then made dinner. Yep, I did NOTHING. Didn't even shower. It was so nice to just be taken care of. I appreciated it so much. I appreciate him so much. I appreciate that no matter how long the winter, spring ALWAYS comes.

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