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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stegosaurus, Work Helper & JUNE

This morning, Kaydon had his dinosaur program. Kaydon did a report on the stegosaurus dinosaur. Did you know that they have the smallest brains of all dinosaurs? That would suck! This morning, Josh had a doctor appointment, so Brooklyn and I left Kaydon's program and came to work. Together. She LOVES going to work. She colors on my white board, after erasing important information, she gets her markers and draws on HER paper, she drinks my Diet Coke! :) I LOVE JUNE!!! It's my birthday month and I REALLY LOVE my birthdays! To begin June, Josh and I are driving down to St. George tomorrow after work. His team is playing down there on Saturday. He probably will not be playing because his injuries haven't yet healed... but don't hold your breath. If he can find a way to be out there, he will be. I am really, really thankful that he and I can have some time just to ourselves. It's different "dating" when you have kids. The kids come first, and they should when you're dating someone. We do everything with the kids and we love it and wouldn't want it any other way. But, it's always nice when we can have grown up talk and just be able to spend time together.

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