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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vacation Days Three & Four

Disneyland Baby! Days three and four were spent at the Greatest Place on Earth! The third day started with a breakfast with the characters. This was SO great!I would strongly recommend this to anyone with little ones. Brooklyn was SO great. She was little Miss In Charge! She would put one hand on her hip and motion "come here" with her other hand, then she would loudly say, "COME HERE Mimmie Mouse!" I loved it. The kids got to get autographs from the characters and dance with them. Then, we headed to the park for two days. I didn't take pictures of rides because I was on them with the kids! But, just know that we loved it. Brooklyn made me go on the rocket ride with her about 369 times... DRAMAMINE! The boys went on the Tower of Terror. No thanks! It was really, really great.

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