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Monday, June 4, 2012

Our Weekend

On Friday after work, Josh and I headed south. The boys got to spend the weekend with Papa and Grandma. I took ZERO pictures this weekend. I never had the camera. I had my chapstick, my Diet Coke, my phone and Josh's hand in mine. Nothing else mattered. It was HOT in St. George/ Mesquite. Like, you couldn't catch your breath when you stepped outside kind of hot. Friday night, we hung out at the penny slots with our $20! Josh won $75. I was cheering out loud! We are so awesome with our $20 at the penny slots. Saturday morning, we slept in and then had lunch with some of his teammates and their girlfriends. Sitting at the table, listening to those guys (who have been teammates forever) talk and laugh was SO much fun. They are a brotherhood. They love each other like family. It's so fun to just sit and watch them. They think they are hilarious! About seven of us drove to St. George together. We girls dropped the boys off at the field and then went to the mall for a while so that we could be in air conditioning! The game was warm... but fun. Josh was obviously unable to play, but he was on the field with his "brothers." The Shock lost... for the first time this season. But, after the game when we drove back to Mesquite and met up with the team for dinner, it was fun listening to them talk. They all obvioulsy love playing football, but what they really LOVE, and I think what makes them come back every year is that they really LOVE each other and the time they get with each other. Funny, funny boys. We drove back yesterday. It was so nice to be able to go down with Josh, just the two of us. I don't think we let go of each other's hand the whole trip. The funny thing was that 99% of our conversations were about the kids :) My dad sent me a couple of pictures from the boy's time there. Cute Haley (the dog) snuggling with my boys. SO CUTE! A big thanks to Papa and Grandma for taking care of my kids. A big thanks to Nana for taking care of the dog and for doing ALL the laundry from the weekend. I am blessed.

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