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Monday, June 25, 2012

Utah Shock Semi-Finals

Saturday was the semi-finals for the RMFL. The Shock played the Stealth. It was a warm night. The kids decided that it would be way more fun to "watch" the game from the grass, so I took my new chair that Josh bought me and camped out on the grass in the north end zone while they played. Josh played incredibly. He always does. But, the Shock lost by four. End of season, end of Shock. The owner has decided not to continue on with ownership duties. I walked around and watched these grown men cry. I tried SO hard to hold it together! My little Kaydon just cried and cried and then Braxton started with the tears. I took the kids home and got them in their jammies and got them something to eat real quick. It was almost eleven at night. Then, I went outside in the front yard and sat up against the garage door and just sobbed. I didn't take that loss so well! Josh was still not home, and I knew that he needed some time. Braxton and Brooklyn found me in the front yard and then the other kids did too. They all snuggled up with me and we just cried. Josh came home soon after. He loved on the kids and got them into bed. I am so stinking proud of him! He is my MVP, for sure. He played great and it was a great season!

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