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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The 4th of July started off with our annual neighborhood parade/breakfast. The kids get all into it. Most kids decorate their bike for the parade... not my kids! They prefer to decorate pogo sticks and scooters and roller blades. Jackson did the flag ceremony and did awesome. He is such a great kid! When I was walking back from the park, I looked over to our mountains. Seriously, we live in the MOST beautiful place. We are so blessed. The boys went with their dad to Provo for the Stadium of Fire and the Beach Boys concert. Josh and I went downtown. We went through City Creek for the first time. We walked around Memory Grove. Then, we went to the Bees Game, just the two of us. The game was fun and the fireworks were amazing!! I don't know what my problem is... I never take my camera when it's just Josh and I. I really need to do better with that because it's always fun when it's just the two of us!

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