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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Holy cow, I have boys. Somedays, I am reminded of that in an I-need-extra-medication kind of way! Yesterday was one of those days. I ran home to pick them up for a quick run to Dairy Queen for ice cream to celebrate Kaydon's birthday, a quick run to Target for school supplies (thanks to Auntie Paula), and a quick run to football practice so that we weren't late. The quick run to Dairy Queen included Colton laughing up his chocolate shake through his nose. I hollered, "HEY!!" really loud and got some head-turns. Then, we left and went to Target for a quick school supply shopping. They were out of control. When we finally got to the register, the lady working looked at me and said, "Four boys?! All yours?!" YES THEY ARE ALL MINE!!!!!! She said, "Oh, I am so sorry." You know it's bad when other people notice that things are not hunky dory! Then, football practice. Lord, help me! There is currently a LARGE dirt/clay pile at one end of the football field. WHY OH WHY are my children drawn to that dang thing??!?!?!?!?! To say that they were dirty is a drastic under statement. Then, they think it's totally awesome to run through the water. I wanted to hurt them! It was an I-need-extra-medication kind of day and I didn't have any extra medication and I haven't been drinking any soda or caffeine and my toe nail polish is completely chipped and wearing off and I'm going through Ryan Lochte withdrawals and I just wanted to crawl in a hole and hide from the mess that my life appeared to be yesterday!!!! The end.

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