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"Life will knock you down. You can choose to stand up again."

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Football is beginning to be hard. For Jackson. And for Mom. Last night was the first night that they put pads on. They tackled last night. They pretty much beat each other up last night. Tough. It's Jackson's first year playing. Every other kid out there has been playing for 5 - 7 years. Jackson is learning. Jackson is trying so hard. But, last night sucked. Within the first ten minutes of practice, the coach got in his face and just started screaming at him. I sat quietly in my chair and watched. Jackson didn't say anything, he just kept battling. Then, they did a drill where one kid had to run through the rest of the team. Jackson went up against kids that weigh 100 pounds more than him. I sat in my chair and cried as I watched him just get pummeled. When they broke for water, I walked out onto the field right to my son. I didn't care if that "wasn't the right thing to do." I put my hand on his helmet and my face right into his face mask. I talked through tears as I told him how proud I was of him... how he was doing everything right by not giving up, by doing what was asked of him. He was sobbing. Just crying so hard. I walked back to my chair and sat down, not caring what anyone thought. Then, a coach walked over to him and reminded him that he had never played before and he just went up against the biggest, most experienced kids out there. Then, a guy from our neighborhood, who Jackson loves, walked over to the practice and just sat with him, talking to him, listening to him and then walked him back over to the drills and stood with him for a while. When we got home, his tears flowed non-stop. Braxton walked over and pulled his cleats off gently, then undid his belt for him and pulled his pads off of him. Then, he got him some clean clothes to change into, set up some pillows for him, made him some mac and cheese, got him some ice packs and made sure he was comfortable. I cried with Jackson. Sweet, sweet Braxton being the brother that every brother should be. I was so proud. Jackson cried himself to sleep on the couch, and I slept right next to him. Tonight is another practice, then tomorrow, then Saturday... A few things I know for sure: Jackson will struggle, but he won't give up; I will love him through every step of it; His brothers will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be by his side and carry him when he feels he can no longer walk.


  1. Oh Heidi! Jackson is so brave! Football is hard and to come into it at 12 years old isn't easy. He is doing so great. Most boys go through the transition of going from being nervous about hitting other players and being hit--they've been taught their entire life not to hit and the nice boys really struggle with it. But if he loves the game enough he will figure it all out! If he doesn't, that's ok too. You are a great mama! Love ya!

  2. Oh football is so hard!!! After we seperate into A and B teams it goes much better for us! Unless he is on the A team of course which I wouldn't recommend. Maybe you don't have enough kids for two teams!!! It was hard for me the first time I heard parents yell "hit me hard". I thought what have we just signed up for....some times I have to leave practice....hang in there!!!!