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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Sweet Colton struggles. He has for a long time, maybe forever. It doesn't help that he was eight weeks early, or that he has me for a mom... any who, after getting in contact with THE BEST pediatrician, and in turn a FANTASTIC psychologist, we have a diagnosis and a plan. I feel like it was a huge blessing to find the pediatrician we did. She is amazing. She calls me at least once a week, just to see if I am hanging in there. She has been very thorough and has taken her time, including his psychologist on everything. Colton has been diagnosed with ADHD and Anxiety. He has been on a sleep-aid for about a month, which is helping his sleep drastically. That will continue. He is also in therapy with the psychologist to treat the Anxiety. He will have counseling/therapy every other week for a while. He will be put on some ADHD medicine within two weeks of starting school. The psychologist wants to get some paperwork from Colton's teacher before the medication is started. The ADHD is pretty severe, therefore medication really isn't even a question, it's a must-have. My hope for Colton is that once we are working on all cylinders with medication, counseling, routine with school, etc. he will feel much better. He will feel smart and funny and in control. He doesn't feel those things about himself right now. I want him to feel that about himself. I want him to feel "good enough." I want him to feel like an all-star! I want him to be able to concentrate in school and therefore be able to understand the school work. I want his brothers to be able to enjoy him and not always be so angry with him. I want to be able to enjoy him and not always be so frustrated! I am grateful for answered prayers, for excellent doctors, for health insurance, for modern day medicine, for Colton.

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