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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Like You

Joshua- I like you. You are funny. You make me laugh. You also make me want to punch you now and then. And I do. You cook really good and on the days that you don't cook, we have left overs or egg sandwiches because I just don't feel like cooking. You listen to me cry and then make me laugh by being silly. You wrestle with the kids and never let them win. You are a little competitive. You take me to get ice cream even though you don't like ice cream. You drive down after long hours at work so that you can help Jackson with football. You spend your days off being a dad and loving it. You have never, ever, ever put me down or said a mean thing to me. Except this one time when I told you that I was going to start running in the mornings and you said something to the affect that me running in the mornings was about as likely as you quitting Pepsi. You made a good point. You really like shopping, which makes me laugh because I really don't like shopping. You're kind of a girl that way. Just saying. You are really good at sports. Like, really good. At all sports. You let me yell and scream and sometimes make a fool out of myself and maybe you too, but you let me do it anyways. I LOVE watching you play sports. I happen to be a pretty good cheerleader too. Just saying. You love to dance. And sing. And embarrass the kids. A lot. Remember that time when we were in the van and you had the radio up FULL blast and the windows down and were singing and dancing and Jackson and Braxton were trying to hide their faces and there was a kid next to us driving and we stopped at the stop light and he started dancing too? Jackson knew the kid and wanted to hurt you. But the next day the kid told Jackson how awesome he thought that was. You were proud. You spoil me by running errands and doing the laundry and making sure the house is clean and food is cooked when I get home on your days off. You are good at that. I like you. A lot. Just saying.

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