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Thursday, September 13, 2012

B. Beck

B. Beck. She's the best... at everything. B. Beck and I met 11 years ago. Her oldest is Jackson. My oldest is Jackson. Kota and Braxton were in a play group together. I got to stand and bounce Gracie at Cafe Rio one day. I have been able to watch Em grow up to be the prettiest little lady you'll ever see. B. Beck was the first person, besides medical personnel, to hold my Colton. She came to the hospital, wheeled me down to the NICU, picked Colton right up out of the incubator, held him for a minute, and then handed him to me. This is a woman who has faith beyond anything that I have ever witnessed. Ever. She KNOWS her place here on this Earth, that there is a plan for her and her sweet family and she does everything in her power every single day to ensure that her family finishes this race we call life together, with the grand prize of eternal life. She has loved me through the good and through the bad. I look up to her every day of my life. Yesterday, she made me lunch. SO yummy. She gave me six huge garbage bags full of hand-me-downs for the quorum. I got to hold Lilly bug for a minute, okay maybe not even a minute, but I treasured it. I got to visit with the Janer. She made me laugh. I got to sit and talk with B. Beck. She had her eighth baby four months ago, and buried him a few days later. I got to see close up pictures of this sweet angel. Oh, he is so perfect. She always talks of her faith, her family, her love of the gospel. You know what her standards are within seconds, literally. Oh, my B. Beck. I love you to the moon!

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