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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Football, A New Job, & Laser Tag

Our lives are full of football. Like... FULL of football. It makes for some hectic, crazy days/evenings, but we are loving it. Jackson is learning the game, and trying so hard to make his coaches and teammates proud of him. I am proud of him. He never, ever gives up, he gives it his all, and he is doing his best. Joshua David Christensen has a new job! He is now the running backs/outside linebacker coach at Layton High School, his Alma Mater. How great is that?!?! I am so proud of him. He was born to coach. He is great with the kids! AND, Saturday night, we went with Papa and Grandma to play some laser tag. We might be a little teeny bit competitive. Oh well. Brooklyn wasn't too fond of it, until the very end. Then, she was all about shooting people! The boys had a sleepover at Papa and Grandma's house. Brooklyn threw a pretty big fit about that. She is SO not ready to have sleepovers yet, but she sure didn't want to go home with us! She wanted Grandma, and she wanted Grandma bad! She missed brothers, too, and couldn't wait to pick them up on Sunday. It was a great three-day weekend. MUCH needed!

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