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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Josh and I realized yesterday that Colton has been bringing home "homework" because he is not able to get his schoolwork done at school. Poor kid! We had an appointment this morning with the psychologist. Even he shook his head at sweet Colton. Hopefully, we are just days away from getting this little guy some medicine to help him. Josh has been doing the schoolwork with him at night, after practices and even after we give Colton his sleep meds. It seems to calm him down enough that he can get the page done. Josh has found that using a small white board helps. I am just beyond eager to get Colton some help so that he can feel a little more "normal."
For the kids birthdays, they get to choose what dessert they get on their big day. It really kind of stinks that they all have birthdays in the same month. It doesn't feel like THEIR special day ever. Because of the craziness and chaos of our lives right now, Braxton's dessert got put off until last week. I suck, I know! So, after we dropped Jackson off at practice, we ran to Iceberg for shakes. I think it was worth the wait for him... I know it was for me!!
Cute Josh in his football coach uniform... Layton lost badly to Bingham last Friday, but who doesn't lose badly to Bingham?!?! My mom, the boys and I were there to cheer loudly. He is SUCH a great coach! So proud of him!
Josh and I missed Jackson's game on Saturday against Olympus. Jordan won 7-6. My mom kept us updated every few minutes. Josh and I weren't there because Brandon gave us his BYU/Weber State football tickets. Josh went to and played for Weber State. So, he thought it would be hillarious to wear his purple. When my dad and my step-mom came to pick us up, I thought for sure we were going to be sent walking, so I RAN to the car and got in before he made his presence known. He thinks he is so funny. We had a great day with them! Thanks to Brandon and Carrie for the tickets. This Saturday, the three younger boys start soccer... Heaven help me!

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  1. Heidi, I hope you will get some answers on Colton soon. Poor kiddo, it's so hard when us as mom's can't just fix it. I'll be thinking of you guys!