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Friday, September 28, 2012


This has been a rough, rough week! I am thankful for Fridays. They can sometimes feel like the sunshine after the rain, you know?! Jackson: Still hates Spanish. Said the reason his room smells so bad is because of his sheets. I disagree. Getting good at doing his own laundry when it's a fact that he has no more clean clothes. Had three football practices this week. Had scouts this week. Plays football tomorrow. Loves his mom. Braxton: Not only diagnoses himself with random orthopedic injuries, but treats himself for them as well. Had a soccer game this week. Lost very badly. Went to Classic with his friend. Came home looking like a Leprochaun. Has a soccer game tomorrow. Not sure he gets excited for those anymore because his team struggles to make even one goal during games. Loves having his own room. Kaydon: Loves to sing, but hates when Colton sings. A lot. Keeps asking if he can have a date with Lydia. The answer is no. He is ten. Had a soccer game last night. Scored his first goal. Chased Haley (the grandparents german shephard) around the soccer field during the game when she got loose from her collar/leash. Mom laughed. Loves having his dresser clean and organized and taking two showers a day to smell good for the ladies. Colton: Had a little problem on the playground yesterday when a kid's forehead hit his mouth. Took him to dentist. No fractures, just black gums and loose permanent teeth. On antibiotics. Teeth will be fine. Played soccer yesterday. Tried not to get his face hit with the ball. Safety first! Still not on medication. His mom is not happy about that. Loves to ask the same question over and over and over again. Says the best prayers. Josh & Brooklyn: Still healing from the car accident. Car totaled. Missing Brooklyn. JV team lost bad last night. Varsity game tonight at home. Josh has a bad cold. When he blows his nose, he sounds like a goose honking. Nana and I laugh every time. It's not funny to him. Had his weekly injection into his knee cap yesterday. He hates those. Me: Exhaustion. The End.

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