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"Life will knock you down. You can choose to stand up again."

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jackson, The Concussed

On the second to the last play on Saturday, Jackson came off the field... and dropped. He had no idea what happened during the play, had ringing in his ears, struggled with his vision, and had a whopper of a headache... but, he was able to answer what his name was, the date, where he was, etc. Sunday we were not so lucky. He couldn't answer questions, his head hurt, he was confused... but his vision was better, no more ringing in the ears, his eyes were slightly more reactive. Monday brought a day home from school, fine vision, no ringing, the ability to answer questions, even more reactive eyes, and a little more of his personality. This morning (EARLY) brought him into my room asking for medicine... that darn headache! But, everything else seems to be on the up and up! Just need to be patient and get rid of this headache so that he can return to school and hopefully play in the championship game in two weeks... that's his goal.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Region Champions

This adorable, and smelly, group of boys are region champions! They went 8-1 this season. They have their first playoff game on Saturday, which Jackson won't be able to play in (more on that tomorrow). This team had a bunch of amazing coaches and some really great chemistry. Such a cute group of boys!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Snowmen & Women

I came home from work to see these beauties on the front lawn. It made me smile SO big! I went in and thanked the quorum for making them. They informed that the threesome was Josh, Brooklyn and Mom. Sounds about right! The "mom" has no boobs and the "Josh" has no hair!!! He he he he he he he :)
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Neighborhood Halloween Party

Tuesday was our Neighborhood Halloween Party. I literally sped home from work, dropped Jackson off at football practice and sped to the store to get costumes for the three youngest. Halloween stresses me out! They were happy with their costumes. That's all that mattered.
They invited the next door neighbors and their cousins. I had my hands full, but the kids all had a great time! Lydia and Brody have become my kids' bestest friends. They all have a great time together... until someone gets hurt! :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


On Sunday, we toured Chicago. It was such a beautiful, sunny and clear day. This city is gorgeous! We started off at Lake Michigan, near the Chicago Bears football field and the aquarium. There was a half marathon going on and we just walked right along with those runners. So what?! It was so pretty! We walked to the fountain that is on "Friends" and "Married with Children." It was empty and not working, but who cares?! I was there! We then went to the Navy Pier. This place was amazing! I got on that big honking ferris wheel and only had moments of panic a couple of times. We ate some fried dough. Mmmm Mmmm good! We saw a huge yacht with a helicopter on the back of it. $$$$$ Yikes! We were able to see light houses and enjoy the fun Halloween activities that were going on at the pier that day. I LOVED that place! After that, we drove to Wrigley Field. Josh and I had to see that place! This trip was SO great! I would love to go back to that city and see the sights that we were unable to see. Josh and I had the best time!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Notre Dame

Notre Dame. Incredible. Amazing. Beautiful. Holy. Breathtaking. Peaceful. Kind. This place is unbelievable. The campus is enormous and it literally takes your breath away. The people are kind and warm and generous. Not one time during the four days did we experience anyone who was rude or offensive or in any way unwelcoming. Did you know that for every home game, there are over 900 ushers from 27 states? Did you know that they are the most heartfelt people ever? Can you imagine? Over 900 ushers from all over the country for every single weekend that there is a home game? These fans are dedicated, and you know it. This campus was stunning, no matter where you looked. The tradition is so rich. The churches are simply extraordinary. The stadium is grand. The leaves were so rich in color. We were able to see the trumpets play in the dome, the player walk (SO AWESOME!), God Bless America was sung, followed by the Star Spangled Banner. 80,000 people in one place. There was a moment of silence for a student who was killed in an accident earlier in the week. The place was SILENT. We were able to tailgate inside the fieldhouse. Very cool. Very interactive. The whole experience was incredible!