My Family

"Life will knock you down. You can choose to stand up again."

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jackson, The Concussed

On the second to the last play on Saturday, Jackson came off the field... and dropped. He had no idea what happened during the play, had ringing in his ears, struggled with his vision, and had a whopper of a headache... but, he was able to answer what his name was, the date, where he was, etc. Sunday we were not so lucky. He couldn't answer questions, his head hurt, he was confused... but his vision was better, no more ringing in the ears, his eyes were slightly more reactive. Monday brought a day home from school, fine vision, no ringing, the ability to answer questions, even more reactive eyes, and a little more of his personality. This morning (EARLY) brought him into my room asking for medicine... that darn headache! But, everything else seems to be on the up and up! Just need to be patient and get rid of this headache so that he can return to school and hopefully play in the championship game in two weeks... that's his goal.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Snowmen & Women

I came home from work to see these beauties on the front lawn. It made me smile SO big! I went in and thanked the quorum for making them. They informed that the threesome was Josh, Brooklyn and Mom. Sounds about right! The "mom" has no boobs and the "Josh" has no hair!!! He he he he he he he :)
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Neighborhood Halloween Party

Tuesday was our Neighborhood Halloween Party. I literally sped home from work, dropped Jackson off at football practice and sped to the store to get costumes for the three youngest. Halloween stresses me out! They were happy with their costumes. That's all that mattered.
They invited the next door neighbors and their cousins. I had my hands full, but the kids all had a great time! Lydia and Brody have become my kids' bestest friends. They all have a great time together... until someone gets hurt! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Team Captain

There is something about seeing my 13 year-old walk out to the middle of the football field, hand in hand with other 13 and 14 year olds, that makes me tear up just a little bit. This team of Jackson's has really been a tight-knit group. They lift each other up, they are always there for each other, they practice hard and play hard. It's been such a great experience for Jackson... oh, and... they are in the play-offs!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Car Shopping

The Chevy was totaled in the accident that Josh and Brooklyn were in. It's been a lovely two weeks of having one car, with Josh living in Layton and me living in Sandy. Doctor appointments, football practices/games, soccer games, job interviews, and, oh ya, a little three year old girl! We have been looking on KSL daily. We knew that this past weekend we were going to have to find a car. Period. So, after football, soccer and soccer, we were off to find a car. I had no idea that the hunt would cause so much laughter... like I haven't laughed that hard in QUITE.SOME.TIME!
First car: 1989 Toyota Camry. Looked good for a 1989 Toyota Camry on the outside. We got in to take it for a test drive. Soon, we heard the G.R.I.N.D.I.N.G sound from gear to gear. Like, we were sure the people inside their homes could hear it. It was BAD. Then, Josh pulled into an elementary school to look under the hood. Josh is a big, strong guy. Like, really strong. Picture this: Josh on the ground with one leg pushing on the tire while he is pulling with all of his might to pull the lever to open the hood. Never did get it open. I was needing a restroom! The radio only worked when he SLAMMED the trunk shut. That could be a little inconvenient. Long story short... no buy.
But, that was nothing compared to our next experience. We drove down to Orem. A 2002 Grand Am AT A DEALERSHIP. Remember... AT A DEALERSHIP. We get there, get the key and go to take this beauty for a test drive. Before we even turn the car on, we notice a few things... handles, levers, wires missing. So what?! Then, comes the best part. Josh turns the car on and the windshield wipers go on. On HIGH. They DO NOT TURN OFF!! The entire test drive, the windshield wipers are going at full speed! It wasn't raining!! We tried everything to get those little buggers to turn off. NO WAY JOSE! Full speed. At one point, we were at a red light. A cute little family was crossing right in front of us in the crosswalk. They were pointing at us, like, "Uh, you're wipers are on." WE KNOW! Josh just rolled his eyes. I was beyond needing a restroom! The best part.. we pulled back into the dealership and three salesman were standing there just laughing. I was snorting. Josh just listed everything wrong with this party vehicle... no radio, no AC, parts missing, and a wiper issue! We didn't get that one either. After the sun went down, we finally found one. I was so grateful. It was an experience I will never forget, though!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

For Real!

I came home from work yesterday and THIS was on the KITCHEN COUNTER. It can only mean two things: 1. I have boys 2. They are NOT eating anything fixed in this kitchen tonight!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Open Letter

Dearest Bad Days- I have to be honest, I cringe every time I learn that you are coming for a visit. Not to be rude, but you are probably my least favorite visitor. I actually despise you. Just saying. You thought that yesterday would be a grand day to pay me a visit. Um, FYI, you weren't invited! Rude. You decided to stop by early yesterday morning, without warning. I was mad, sad, a little more mad, grumpy, emotional, a little moody... all due to your visit. Again, rude. Everything everyone said to me, I wanted to either flip them off or cry. I opted for choice B. Probably due to the fact that I need to keep my job. No thanks to you. Around lunch time, however, I was so ready to kick you to the curb. You ruined my entire morning and I was done with you. So, I went out to the patio, sat all by myself and read that book that B. Beck gave me... you know the one... about loving life and seeing good days. GOOD DAYS! Ever heard of those? Probably not! I drank my flavored, 5 calorie water. I let the breeze blow on my face. I listened to the fountains. I read about how you like to visit everyone, uninvited, but we can still choose to SEE good days. You didn't ruin my entire day. I opted to put my big girl panties on and SEE a good day. I picked up medicine for Colton! YEE HAW!! I got dog food for the rascal. I did laundry. I got Jackson to practice. I did homework with the quorum. I colored. I chose to SEE a good day, even when it started so badly. So there, Bad Day!