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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


On Sunday, we toured Chicago. It was such a beautiful, sunny and clear day. This city is gorgeous! We started off at Lake Michigan, near the Chicago Bears football field and the aquarium. There was a half marathon going on and we just walked right along with those runners. So what?! It was so pretty! We walked to the fountain that is on "Friends" and "Married with Children." It was empty and not working, but who cares?! I was there! We then went to the Navy Pier. This place was amazing! I got on that big honking ferris wheel and only had moments of panic a couple of times. We ate some fried dough. Mmmm Mmmm good! We saw a huge yacht with a helicopter on the back of it. $$$$$ Yikes! We were able to see light houses and enjoy the fun Halloween activities that were going on at the pier that day. I LOVED that place! After that, we drove to Wrigley Field. Josh and I had to see that place! This trip was SO great! I would love to go back to that city and see the sights that we were unable to see. Josh and I had the best time!

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