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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jackson, The Concussed

On the second to the last play on Saturday, Jackson came off the field... and dropped. He had no idea what happened during the play, had ringing in his ears, struggled with his vision, and had a whopper of a headache... but, he was able to answer what his name was, the date, where he was, etc. Sunday we were not so lucky. He couldn't answer questions, his head hurt, he was confused... but his vision was better, no more ringing in the ears, his eyes were slightly more reactive. Monday brought a day home from school, fine vision, no ringing, the ability to answer questions, even more reactive eyes, and a little more of his personality. This morning (EARLY) brought him into my room asking for medicine... that darn headache! But, everything else seems to be on the up and up! Just need to be patient and get rid of this headache so that he can return to school and hopefully play in the championship game in two weeks... that's his goal.

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