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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Notre Dame

Notre Dame. Incredible. Amazing. Beautiful. Holy. Breathtaking. Peaceful. Kind. This place is unbelievable. The campus is enormous and it literally takes your breath away. The people are kind and warm and generous. Not one time during the four days did we experience anyone who was rude or offensive or in any way unwelcoming. Did you know that for every home game, there are over 900 ushers from 27 states? Did you know that they are the most heartfelt people ever? Can you imagine? Over 900 ushers from all over the country for every single weekend that there is a home game? These fans are dedicated, and you know it. This campus was stunning, no matter where you looked. The tradition is so rich. The churches are simply extraordinary. The stadium is grand. The leaves were so rich in color. We were able to see the trumpets play in the dome, the player walk (SO AWESOME!), God Bless America was sung, followed by the Star Spangled Banner. 80,000 people in one place. There was a moment of silence for a student who was killed in an accident earlier in the week. The place was SILENT. We were able to tailgate inside the fieldhouse. Very cool. Very interactive. The whole experience was incredible!

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