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"Life will knock you down. You can choose to stand up again."

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Open Letter

Dearest Bad Days- I have to be honest, I cringe every time I learn that you are coming for a visit. Not to be rude, but you are probably my least favorite visitor. I actually despise you. Just saying. You thought that yesterday would be a grand day to pay me a visit. Um, FYI, you weren't invited! Rude. You decided to stop by early yesterday morning, without warning. I was mad, sad, a little more mad, grumpy, emotional, a little moody... all due to your visit. Again, rude. Everything everyone said to me, I wanted to either flip them off or cry. I opted for choice B. Probably due to the fact that I need to keep my job. No thanks to you. Around lunch time, however, I was so ready to kick you to the curb. You ruined my entire morning and I was done with you. So, I went out to the patio, sat all by myself and read that book that B. Beck gave me... you know the one... about loving life and seeing good days. GOOD DAYS! Ever heard of those? Probably not! I drank my flavored, 5 calorie water. I let the breeze blow on my face. I listened to the fountains. I read about how you like to visit everyone, uninvited, but we can still choose to SEE good days. You didn't ruin my entire day. I opted to put my big girl panties on and SEE a good day. I picked up medicine for Colton! YEE HAW!! I got dog food for the rascal. I did laundry. I got Jackson to practice. I did homework with the quorum. I colored. I chose to SEE a good day, even when it started so badly. So there, Bad Day!

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