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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful #8

Auntie and The Uncle.
Auntie and The Uncle are on the right side of this picture. When I was young, Auntie lived with us for a little while. I seriously thought I was the luckiest girl EVER! I loved having her with us and I loved that I got to see her everyday. Then, she married The Uncle. I was pretty mad at him because she moved out. I don't even think he knows that, but I was very mad. They have two boys who are all grown up now. My boys idolize The Uncle. They are always asking me when they get to see him again. They LOVE that man. They surprised us in May when they showed up at Disneyland. The boys almost thought that was better than Disneyland itself! He was so funny... he brought cantenes full of kool-aid and pb & jelly sandwiches for the boys to snack on while walking around Disneyland. They LOVE him. Auntie sends me new markers every few months to color with. She has never judged me, never made me feel dumb or like a failure. I really love her! I am so thankful for Auntie and The Uncle!!

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