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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brooklyn's Birthday Party

Brooklyn turned four years old last week. We had a birthday party for her on Saturday. This was the only picture I got before my camera died... way to be prepared Heidi! We had her party at the South Davis Recreation Center because she is really loving swimming lately. I wanted to do a Minnie Mouse type theme because of our awesome memories from Disneyland this year. I often times work way to long on birthday parties because I want them to be absolutely perfect. I want them to create memories. I want them to make people feel special and loved and thought of. My sweet boys got up early with me on Saturday morning to help me decorate cake pops and to make the chip dip. They also washed jars with me, made sure I had all of the supplies I needed and told me how great I was. :) They love that little girl so much.
The party started at 1:00 and only Uncle Brandon was there. Nana showed up soon after, then Papa and Grandma a bit later. I had my kids eat and then hurried and had Brooklyn open her gifts. Grandma LeAnn and Dylan and Tayli showed up a while later. We only had the room for an hour so I rushed Brooklyn through opening her gifts and the kids through eating. I was happy that I went through all of the work but sad that not as many people enjoyed it. The kids went swimming for a couple of hours. I'm sure that's all that really mattered. I was especially grateful for my boys who reminded me that I worked hard and that Brooklyn loved it and that they love me.

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