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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Tragedy & Snow

The events of Friday in Connecticut affected all of us. As I watched the news unfold throughout the day on Friday, my heart broke... literally. I cannot imagine for one second what those parents and family members are experiencing. I send my children to school every day, praying that they will be safe, but also expecting that they will be safe. As parents, we shouldn't have to fear that a very sick person will enter our children's school and kill them. It was short day for my children, so I was sure to call as soon as I knew they would be home to tell them not to turn the television on. I didn't want them to see the horror that I had been watching. When I got home Friday night, I sat them down and we talked. I explained to them that a very sick man had gone into a school with guns and shot people, killing many children and teachers and the principal. Then, I let them ask questions. They asked many. I then turned on the television and, together, we watched the news. I pointed out all of the good people who were bringing meals, who were lighting candles, who were hugging sad people, who were leaving teddy bears. I explained to them that we needed to do good as well. I told them that we need to pray for those people and that if they would like to draw pictures or send cards, we would do that. I then listened as they prayed for those people for the remainder of the weekend.
Then, the weekend went on. It snowed a lot. The children played in the snow, building forts and throwing snow balls. They made a gingerbread house and sat with me on the couch while I colored and they played games. The snow was beautiful. The children love the snow and I am so grateful we live in a spot where they can experience it.

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