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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


These are busy times for us! I thought for sure that things would slow down once football and soccer seasons ended. I was mistaken! Here is an update: Jackson has a cell phone now. Enough said. The kid is addicted. I love it because it's great leverage! He called me yesterday around lunch time and said he was sick. I asked his father to go get him and take him home. Every door was locked and the garage door code wouldn't work (battery dead). So, my very smart boy climbed onto the roof and into Braxton's bedroom window. Awesome. Braxton and I went to Eastmont Middle School last night. It was tour night for all of the incoming sixth graders. He is really nervous. Truth be told... so am I!!!! Junior High Schools are NOT meant for sixth graders! I am really struggling with this. I am grateful that Jackson will be there one more year before he starts ninth grade at Jordan. Kaydon stayed home sick on Monday and I was with him. He and I watched Kung Fu Panda, after which he asked if he could dress up like a Panda. I nodded. He came back upstairs with my black spandex pants and a white wife beater shirt. Good times. Lovely. Colton has gained his weight back after having a Boost shake every night. Now we only have to make shakes every other night! He was able to be a lunch worker at school last week. He loved all of it... except the cleaning up after other people part... weird! Brooklyn turns 4 tomorrow! We are having a birthday party for Little Miss on Saturday. She is into singing songs right now and I love singing Primary songs with her. She is also into EVERYTHING Christmas... the lights, the sounds, all of it. I am working at Kohls part time during the holidays. It makes for one tired Mama... and a sore back.. but such is life. I am really excited for Christmas this year. Joshua had his first practice for the Shock season on Saturday. When he got home, my mom and I reminded him that we will love him through all the swelling, moaning and groaning. He just shook his head.

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