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Monday, January 7, 2013

Just Chillin'

Since Christmas, we have been a family full of chill! Besides the fact that the temperatures are crazy and bitter cold, the kids each got a DVD player for Christmas. Best gifts ever!!! It was a great gift for them, but a better gift for me and Nana! Kaydon watches a movie a day on "his spot" on the couch, just quiet and content. It has been a great calming device for Colton. When he is struggling, I can tell him to get a movie and quietly watch it on his bed and he will, and it really does calm him! Braxton watches a movie every night while he falls asleep and Jackson watches movies whenever he feels like it. Brooklyn switches back and forth between the boys' players. Whichever movie she feels like watching is the one she watches, sippy cup and all. And, what does the Mama do? Well, sometimes a fall asleep!

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