My Family

"Life will knock you down. You can choose to stand up again."

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Dearest JH: Thank you for checking on me multiple times during my History class last night just because you knew that I was really scared. Thank you for bringing me hot cocoa from Starbucks randomly because you know it makes me happy. Dearest DVD: Thank you for holding down the fort on the back row of Zumba class with me. Thank you for not laughing at me when I am yelling "owie!" Thank you for getting water after just like me. Thank you for assuring me that yes, this really is going to hurt ALL.DAY.LONG. Only a whole semester of this! Dearest Nana: Thank you for having my back. Thank you for getting up early to feed the quorum and get them off to school every morning. Thank you for staying up with them until bedtime because I have to go to bed so early for early morning classes. Thank you for having faith in me that I really can do this. Thank you. Dearest DL: Thank you for promising me that next time I can have whatever I want... including a golf cart to drive around campus! Even though I am pretty sure that 1) you have no idea that I have a blog, therefore you won't be reading this and 2) you probably don't have the authority to promise me a golf cart anyways. Dearest Quorum: This is really important. It's important that Mommy gets a College Degree. Thank you for cheering me on and for being patient. Thank you for your hugs and loves and sweet notes. Thank you for believing in me. When I walk down that row for graduation, which I WILL, I want every one of you to be there to celebrate with me!!!

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