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Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Lunch Date

I went to lunch with Janie (Nay Nay) and Lilly Bug today. Oh my goodness, these girls! I could not get enough of them! Janie hardly ate anything. She had SO much to say! I know her favorite color, her mom's favorite color, her teacher's favorite color. She told me that "Ci Ci is SO mean sometimes but May May is always nice AND May May has SO MUCH duct tape!" She told me about how she got so much more play dough from her mom for Christmas and she "LOVES it!" Lilly Bug talked and talked but I only understood about four words... and not for lack of trying! We watched "Oh Toodles!" on my phone and Janie played games on the phone. I am going to have to do this like once a month! They made my day!

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