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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Bubba & Little Miss

Brooklyn has a role for each of the boys. If she wants to play animals or monsters or trucks or hide and seek, she goes to Kaydon or Colton. They are often times found with leashes tied around their bodies, crawling on the floor, barking like puppies. If she wants a sippy cup with milk, or a bowl with cereal, or someone to tattle on, she goes to "Dude" (Braxton). If she wants to cuddle or feel protected or play really awesome games, she goes to Jackson. Jackson is so great with her. During Sacrament Meeting, she is always SO proud to see "her" Jackson passing the Sacrament. There was a time when she would stand up on the bench and yell his name while waving. One day, Jackson had a friend over and Brooklyn was NOT happy! She told that friend in no uncertain terms that he was to go home because Jackson was "her" Jackson. On Sunday, she got her pillow and her blanket (which is a full sized comforter) and dragged them over to Jackson. She had her sippy cup and told Jackson that she wanted him to hold her. She got in his lap and went right to sleep. It was so sweet to see Jackson just chillin' in the chair while she slept peacefully. Love these two!

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