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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Buddha Boy

Kaydon. KK. KAY KAY. Buddha. This little man is a hoot! He has so much personality. He is super shy around people outside of the family, but at home he is a crack up! He loves to do dance moves and tell us that he knows he is "hot" and "sexy." Then he just laughs his little heart out. He thinks he is hilarious. I do too. He loves to cook. He loves to play with action figures. He LOVES his DVD player and watching all of Nana's awesome movies. He loves to sing. He loves to snuggle with his Mama. His Mama loves that too! He also loves to practice his recorder. He has a little spot set up in the music room. He practices that thing three to four times a day. He loves it. He loves going to the Library with Nana. He loves cuddling with Brooklyn and taking care of her. He loves buy things for other people. He loves to serve. He has such a big heart.
Last night, he had a little break down and cried and went into the computer room and shut the door. He was very mad at me for going to school "every night." I only have class two nights a week, but homework most every night. He doesn't like that apparently. It broke my heart, but I know that when I graduate, he will be cheering the very loudest. Oh, I love my boys.

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