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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Decision

So, as I have stated before, I have chosen to go back to school to earn my Associates Degree in General Studies. Before I began having children, I completed about 1/3 of the credits necessary to earn it. Then, I stopped going to school. I really haven't thought about going back to school since then. Things in my life haven't exactly been "going back to school" material! A few trials here, a few trials there... going back to school was the last thing on my mind... literally.
Child support hasn't exactly been something I have been able to count on or rely on. My sweet B. Beck told me just before the Christmas break that I needed to stop praying that child support would be paid and start praying for the ability to forgive and for the ability to support my kids and I in other ways. As always, I listened to B. Beck! She is seriously ALWAYS right! While on Christmas break, I had an undeniable impression that I needed to go back to school and that I needed to do it now. I haven't always been so good at listening to said "impressions." In fact, I down right stink at it! But this time, for whatever reason, I listened. The day I got back from Christmas break, I went in and spoke to an Academic Advisor. The same day, I re-enrolled in school. The next day, I paid my admissions fee and applied for financial aid. Two days later, I took the Accuplacer test. Two days after that, I registered for classes, which was VERY difficult because it was the week before the semester started. But, I did find classes and got registered. Last week, I started school. I KNOW that this is what I am supposed to be doing. I am horrible at school, always have been. But, I feel like this time around I am not alone. I am trying to train my brain to study, comprehend, remember and recall again. It's been 18 years since I was in school. I am trying to be patient with myself. Miss Birdie keeps telling me, "C's earn degrees!" Hooray for friends who think I'm just great being average!! My mom has been a blessing. She makes sure I get to bed early, makes sure the boys are fed and to school, makes sure the boys are fed and have their homework done... she listens to me read 40 pages of History out loud. She reminds me over and over again that I CAN do this and that she's proud of me. Phew! I FULLY expect every single person who reads this to be at my College Graduation when that day comes!!!!!!!

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