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Friday, February 1, 2013

My Little Boogie Man

Colt. Colton. Tolton (ala Brooklyn). This is my little Boogie Man. Since my kids were little, I always had nicknames for them. Jackson is Bubba. Braxton is Peanut. Kaydon is Buddha. Colton is Boogie. Or, 1, 2, 3, and 4. This little man has been struggling. As you know, he was diagnosed with ADHD and Pediatric Anxiety about six or seven months ago. He goes to counseling once or twice a month. He has a wonderful Pediatrician who is very involved. He is sleeping much better at night. School seems to be going a little better for him. Home is sometimes a different story, though. He can have a very hard time on most days, and the patience from me and the other kids seems to dwindle quickly. His therapist called me on Tuesday after meeting with Colton. He told me that Colton feels lost in our family, and like he doesn't know what his place is in our family. My heart literally dropped onto the floor. If NOTHING else in this life, I want, I NEED my children to know that their Mama loves them and that they belong in this family and that their worth is without measure. I have really tried harder this week to make a personal, one-on-one connection with each of my boys in some way. Colton is a sweet, sweet boy. He insists on praying with me every single night before bed. I LOVE it! He insists on giving me a kiss every single morning before I leave. I count on it! He loves to help with everything. He loves to have friends and to spend time with them. He longs for his brothers to want to spend time with him. When he is tired, he rubs his ears. I think it's so sweet. He LOVES to sing. He still loves baths. I really love this little boogie man!

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