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Monday, March 25, 2013

Cedar City with NO Pictures

Friday morning, the quorum and I drove to Cedar City. It was beautiful. The sun was shining from Provo all the way to Cedar. The boys all had their DVD players and watched movies quietly. The speedometer broke around, oh say Nephi... but never fear! Apps are here! Jackson downloaded a speedometer app and we were good to go! Haven't stopped using that puppy ever since! When we got to Cedar, we went potty and then headed to our paradise of a hotel... NOT. This place was one point above something you would see on the Discovery Channel. Oh well. Then we went to lunch and to the movies. We saw Croods. I don't get out to see many movies. And, when I do I rarely feel the need to own the movie that I saw. I will own this movie. It was darling! Then, we went to the Community Center. Why? Because the indoor swimming pool at the hotel was really an outdoor swimming pool. Nice. The boys swam at the community center for four hours while I studied. It was heaven. Really, it was! After that, we went back to the hotel. This is when it got really fun. I pulled out the hide-a-bed... the one that I was supposed to sleep on... Layed down... ALL THE WAY down...onto the floor. That's right! Broken bed. I had Jackson come in and look at it. "There is no fixing this piece of crap, Mom!" Awesome. I slept on the couch with my heart monitor equipment on a chair next to me. Colton started to not feel so good, so he ended up on the floor next to me. Don't worry... NO bedding for the so called hide-a-bed, so I wrapped him in towels to keep him warm and turned the thermostat up to 78! Living the dream! When we woke up and ate breakfast, the boys decided that they just wanted to go home. That was our trip! Yep... making memories one hide-a-bed at a time!!

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