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Monday, March 18, 2013

Day With My Girl & St. Patricks Day Dinner

Saturday was such a beautiful day! Josh and I took Brooklyn to the mall to get her an Easter dress and some pizza. It was a bit of a rough realization to me.. I have really slowed down. It was tough for me to walk very far and very long, but it made my heart happy to watch Brooklyn run through the mall. I can't wait to post a picture of her Easter dress. SO cute! We also got a frozen yogurt before we headed back home. Josh had his first football practice on Saturday so he took Sis and I home and left. She desperately wanted to play at the playground, so we walked around the fence and she played and played. It was such a nice day! Josh and I had a date planned for that night... I had bought Jazz tickets for his Valentines gift. I think he could tell that I had faded by that point, so he drove to a nice restaurant and we ate, then we went home and ordered the fights. He is a sweetheart. He really is. On Sunday after church, we came home to the yummiest dinner! We even had green juice! Josh is a fantastic cook. The boys LOVE when he cooks!!! Me too.

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